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Horse Fair Pferd Bodensee 2012 in Friedrichshafen,
Lake Constance, close to Switzerland
10. - 12. February 2012




The five vitrine stallions, Norte do Conforto, Urano and Patek de Maripá, Apolo do Salto and Ourofino ElFar participated in the hor- se fair „PFERD Bodensee", Friedrichshafen from February 10th until February 12th 2012.

left to right: A. Oberniedermayr in Norte do Conforto, H. Drodat in Patek di Maripá, B. Frey in Urano de Maripá, D. Mader in Ourofino El Far,  M. Husain in Apollo do Salto


They arrived on February 9 and were presen- ted by Astrid Oberniedermayr, Dieter Mader and their team to the fair visitors two times per day in the daily show program and on Friday and Saturday in the night show „The beat of the horses" (see video). The fair has the size of 300 exhibitors and 40.000 visitors, mainly from Switzerland. The fair management saw the five vitrine stallions at the EQUITANA in March 2011 and invited them to participate in the night show because of their beauty and their spectacular gait „Marcha"! Furthermore, they liked the way they were presented. The show arena was crowded with 6.000 spectators. The vitrine stallions are real professional show horses now and so they made a professional job. The spectators started clapping their hands in the beat of our music and when we left the arena at the end of the show we got whistling and yielding of excitement from the spectators. People had to pass our stand when they entered and left the night show and they took a lot of MM brochures after the show.



Our program was two times presentation in the small rings with testriding. People allways get excited when they have the possibility to ride such a wonderful horse like a well trai- ned Mangalarga Marchador.

We had a big stand in the entrance hall with brochures, videos and all information about the breed of Mangalarga Marchador. Especially after the shows the MM stand was crow- ded and many people were asking for information about our horses. We realized that the Mangalarga Marchador is getting popular and the presentations of the vitrine stallions have their effects!!!





Verena Thielhorn hat die Vitrine Hengste auf der Messe "Pferd Bodensee" in Frierichshafen begleitet. Sie können den Bericht in dem folgenden Video sehen.

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